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"Secrets of the PTCB Exam Study Guide"

Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam

2008/PTCB Exam Secrets Test Prep Team/Morrison Media LLC/paperback/

Product Description
Secrets of the PTCB Exam helps you ace the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination, without weeks and months of endless studying. Our comprehensive Secrets of the PTCB Exam study guide is written by our exam experts, who painstakingly researched every topic and concept that you need to know to ace your test. Our original research reveals specific weaknesses that you can exploit to increase your exam score more than you've ever imagined. Secrets of the PTCB Exam includes: The 5 Secret Keys to PTCB Exam Success: Time is Your Greatest Enemy, Guessing is Not Guesswork, Practice Smarter, Not Harder, Prepare, Don't Procrastinate, Test Yourself; A comprehensive General Strategy review including: How to Recognize Switchback Words, Milking the Question for all It's Worth, How to Avoid Fact Traps, Answering the Questions, Making Amazing Predictions, Benchmarking for the Best, Recognizing Valid Information, Understanding Hedge Phrases, Testing Tips; A comprehensive PTCB Exam Medical review including: Nervous System, Major Hormones, Respiratory System, Cardiac Review, Basic Tissues, Virus Review, Digestive System, Integumentary System, Urinary System, Muscular System, Reproductive System; A comprehensive PTCB Exam Pharmacology review including: Cholinomimetrics, Anticholinergics, Adrenegic Agonists, Adrenergic Antagonists, Centrally Acting Agents, Direct Acting Relaxants, Neuromuscular Junction Blockers, Other Muscle Relaxants, Local Anesthetics, General Anesthetics, Sedative Hypnotics, Antianxiety Agents, Affective Disorders, Antipsychotics, Seizures, Opioids, Non-opioid Analgesics, Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Respiratory Pharmacology, GI Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Coagulation Disorders, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes Mellitus, Drug Distribution, Biotransformation of Drugs, Pharmacokinetics Review, Drug Elimination, Topical Drugs, Anti-Infective Drugs, Corticosteroids, Distribution, Dispensing, Management, and much more...
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"Pharmacy Practice for Technicians"

2008/576 pages/paperback

Pharmacy Practice for Technicians

Product Description
The "classic" book for the pharmacy technicians, Durgin and Hanan's Pharmacy Practice for Technicians, continues to be the leader in the pharmacy technology field. This new edition places more emphasis on the role the pharmacy technician plays in both institutional and community pharmacies. The duties and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician are expanding as the field of pharmacy grows and adapts to consumer demands. These new competencies are defined and explained, making the pharmacy technician fully prepared for the challenges of a career in the pharmacology industry.

About the Author
Sr. Jane M. Durgin Ed. D. is a former Professor Pharmacy Administrative for the College of Pharmacy, St. John's University, Jamaica, NY.

Zacjary I. Hanan RPH, M.S. Director of Pharmaceutical Services and he is nationally recognized for his expertise on their respective topic.

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"The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations and Practices"

2008/Mike Johnston/paperback/816 pages

The Pharmacy Technician: Fundamentals of Practice addresses today’s comprehensive educational needs for one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States — the pharmacy technician. With many State Boards of Pharmacy either considering, or having already enacted, mandatory registration, certification and/or formal education, the need for a comprehensive and up-to-date pharmacy technician book like The Pharmacy Technician: Fundamentals of Practice has never been greater. This book covers
an introduction to pharmacy practice, how to properly perform pharmacy and dosage calculations, pharmacology- including anatomy and physiology,  and an overview of special considerations in pharmacy practice. Pharmacy Technician or someone studying to become a pharmacy technician.

This book published by Prentice Hall Publishers offers somewhat a combination of the other individual books put out by Prentice Hall. Written by Mike Johnston whose unique writing skills is offered here. Note that this book is somewhat more expensive than others offered here.

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"The Pharmacy Calculations Workbook"

-download only

The Pharmacy Calculations Workbook by Dr. Murali Ramanathan

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"The Pharmacy Technician"

1999/Morton Publishing and Perspective Press/376 pages/8.5"x11"

written in part by; Andrew Cordiale, CPhT

This is the only textbook your students will need in any type of teaching environment (i.e. college, home, etc). "The Pharmacy Technician" will definitively change the way you are teaching your students and the way they now learn using their current textbooks.

Table of Contents:

1.Pharmacy and Health Care
2.The Pharmacy Technician
3.Drug Regulation and Control
4.Pharmaceutical Terminology
7.Routes and Formulations
10.Basic Pharmaceuticals
11.Factors Affecting Drug Activity
13.Inventory Management
14.Financial Issues
15.Community Pharmacy
16.Institutional Pharmacy
17.Other Environments
Answers To Self-Tests, Appendix A-Classifications, Glossary, Index, Quick Index

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NOTE: The Second Edition published in 2004 is under APhA control.

"The Pharmacy Technician"

3rd. edition/2007/loose leaf binding/Perspective Press/454 pages

The third edition of "The Pharmacy Technician", has been updated to reflect the changes which have occurred over the past few years. This revised manual will help you whether you are in a classroom setting or studying home alone. Note: other previous editions may be also be available.

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"Mosby's Pharmacy Technician Lab Manual"

1st. edition/Student Edition

Mosby/2007/208 pages

Book Description
This comprehensive lab manual features more than 50 practical exercises that provide hands-on training for essential pharmacy technician skills. Realistic lab exercises include illustrations of prescription orders, and cover concepts such as hand hygiene, counting medication, prescription interpretation, data entry, pharmacy conversions, inventory management, and prior authorization. Perforated pages make it easy to turn in exercises for evaluation.

Product Description
This comprehensive lab manual features more than 50 practical exercises that provide hands-on training for essential pharmacy technician skills. Realistic lab exercises include illustrations of prescription orders, and cover concepts such as hand hygiene, counting medication, prescription interpretation, data entry, pharmacy conversions, inventory management, and prior authorization. Perforated pages make it easy to turn in exercises for evaluation.

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"Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review"

1st. edition/Student Edition

EMC Paradigm Publishing's/paperback

What you'll find inside is a Distillation of key concepts/content to focus study in preparation for the National Certification Examination from PTCB. You will have exam researched-based test-taking strategies, exam overview, and study strategies model exams following the structure and format of the PTCE exam. There are intensive practice exams and answer keys to provide you with further resources for further study.

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"Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext"

Saunders/1st. edition/paperback/624 pages

Designed specially for pharmacy technicians, using the competencies developed by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacist (ASHP). This comprehensive worktext covers everything from basic math skills to reading and interpreting labels and physician orders. The unique worktext format introduces readers to key calculation and conversion concepts and then provides a wealth of self-tests and practice problems more than any other calculations book for pharmacy technicians so readers can immediately apply what they are learning to realistic and challenging calculation problems. Other key concepts include conversions between the various measurement systems, and much more.

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"APhA's Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician"

2nd. edition

APhA Publications/paperback/225 pages


APhA's Complete Math Review for the Pharmacy Technician is a friendly, self-instructional approach to lifelong understanding of pharmacy calculations. Filled with real-world practice problems and the author's good humor and encouragement, the book is a unique training resource, whether for the classroom, the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination, or the pharmacy practice setting.

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"Pharmacy Technician Workbook & Certification Review"

updated second edition

2004/Morton Publishing and Perspective Press/151 pages/8.5"x11"

Companion book to, "The Pharmacy Technician" by Morton Publishing and Perspective Press.

This workbook uses the same type format that is presented in "The Pharmacy Technician." There are key concepts which are carefully explained and over 700 exercises and problems to test your knowledge. This is a must have book if you are planning to take the National Certification Examination offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, (PTCB).

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"The Pharmacy Technician Instructor's Manual"

1999/Morton Publishing and Perspective Press/119 pages/8.5" x 11"
The Instructor's Manual was developed to correspond with the textbook, "The Pharmacy Technician" by Perspective Press, and the "Workbook and Certification Review" that accompanies that text. It includes learning objectives, lecture suggestions and activities, transparency masters, handouts, and other items of use to a training class. When used with the text and the workbook, instructors can provide a comprehensive and effective course that will prepare technicians for success in a workplace.

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Practical Applications for Pharmacy Technician Training

2006/APhA Publications/175 pages/8.5" x 11"

"Practical Applications for Pharmacy Technician Training" is one of the very latest books put out by APhA Publications. This is the only lab book currently available to meet the basic entry level and training requirements for pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician students through the use of  lab exercises. This text includes nine training modules that can be utilized over a six month program.

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"Basic Pharmacology"

2000/Morton Publishing/Perspective Press/APhA/450p./8.5" x 11"

"Basic Pharmacology" is one of the latest books in the series for pharmacy technician education. For the individual or classroom, this book brings you the latest information in an easy-to-understand format. This book is an excellent study and reference guide for current pharmacy technicians and those who are preparing to become a technician or certified.

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"Rx Success Compounding Techniques and Theory

for the Pharmacy Technician"

2nd. Edition

2005/Andrea Crane/Salt & Light Enterprises/192 pages

This specialized textbook provides the pharmacy technician with a comprehensive overview of pharmaceutical compounding.

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"Lab Experiences for the Pharmacy Technician"

2005/Mary Mohr/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/paperback

This book is for the student in a classroom setting. The text is suitable for both public and private schools of pharmacy technician education.

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"Instructor's Resource to Accompany Lab Experiences

for the Pharmacy Technician"

2005/Mary Mohr/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/hardcover

This text is the Teacher edition for the "Lab Experiences for the Pharmacy Technician".

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"The Pharmacy Technician:

A Comprehensive Approach"

2004/Jahangir Moini/Delmar Learning/624 pages

A new title from Delmar Publishing for 2004. This title is one of interest for pharmacy technicians as-well-as home study or classroom use.

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"Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians"
2007/Jahangir Moini/Thompson Delmar Learning/592 pages


Book Description
The Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians puts pharmaceutical reference materials at your fingertips. Carry it with you on the job as a quick and convenient resource for referencing mathematical equations, conversion factors, and drug information. General hospital and community pharmacy references are also provided in this pocket- sized, portable tool.

Product Description
The Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians puts pharmaceutical reference materials at your fingertips. Carry it with you on the job as a quick and convenient resource for referencing mathematical equations, conversion factors, and drug information. General hospital and community pharmacy references are also provided in this pocket- sized, portable tool.

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"Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians"

(Pharmacy Education Series)

2003/Indra Reddy, Mansoor Khan/paperback/250 pages
Essential Math and Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians fills the need for basic reference that students and professionals can use to help them understand and perform accurate calculations. This book can be used for those preparing to take the National Certification Examination or day-to-day work.

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"Prentice Hall's Question and Answer Review for the Pharmacy Technician"

2nd. Edition

2003/Marvin Stoogenke/paperback/240 pages

This book prepares the student or individual for the National Pharmacy Technician Exam. With an abundance of review questions, this book will assist you and reinforce your knowledge of products, calculations, conversions, terminology, and more. Many pharmacy operations are covered in this book which will help you pass the exam.

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"Pharmacy Technician: Principles and Practice"

2003/Mosby/paperback/W B Saunders
This text is specifically for Pharmacy Technicians and contains information as described in the title of the book. The book is excellent for anyone seeking a career in pharmacy as a technician or a study guide for many schools and/or home study.

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 "Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Technician Exam"

Revised Edition

2003/Manan Shroff/183 pages/textbook bound/Krishna Publications Inc.

"Reference guide for pharmacy technician" is a resourceful practice guide for preparation of PTCB exam. It has more than 500 questions with answer & complete explanations. It includes 1000 drugs description. It provides complete exercise on commonly asked calculations in exam. It includes practice test too!

This is an excellent book for technicians who wish to prepare for the National Certification Examination offered by PTCB. This book is also very useful for those who may wish to have a career as a  pharmacy technician. It is well written and easy to understand.

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"Comprehensive Exam Review for the Pharmacy Technician"

2004/Jahangir Moini/448 pages/1st.ed./paperback/Delmar Learning

Preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination? This book contains essential material summaries which provide a concentrated review of the topics contained in the National Certification Examination. Each chapter has multiple choice quizzes to reinforce your comprehension of the material covered. This text has more than 1200 questions. A comprehensive 150 question test is available a the end of this book written in the style of the National Certification Examination. Answers are provided for all questions in the back of this text. As an added bonus you will also receive a cd-rom with 600 additional questions and the option to create an unlimited number of comprehensive exams.

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"Dosage Calculations"

1999/Gloria Pickar/496 pages/6th. ed./softbound/Delmar Publishing

The sixth edition of "Dosage Calculations" is an excellent book for pharmacy technicians and students to use at home or in the classroom setting. This book may be used for improving/reviewing your math skills in preparation for the National Certification Examination or just brushing up on your math. Although this book is not directly marketed towards the pharmacy technician community, it is one that you will want to own and use as a reference again and again.

The medication dosage format of this title has been updated to a new four-part modular format that reflects the way that math courses are most commonly taught in health-related curriculums. 

There are actual photos of medications in this book that you will come across routinely in your field and this allows you to identify not only with the medications themselves, but the mathematics of dosage preparation. Find out more about this book by clicking the link below.

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"Pharmacy Technician Career Starter"

2002/Felice Primeau Devine/paperback

Published for the new technician, this title is based on interviews of Pharmacy Technicians currently in the field. There is other information as well if you are thinking of entering the field.

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"Q&A Review for the Pharmacy Technician, ValuPack"

(Book with CD-Rom)

2002/Marvin Stoogenke/softbound with CD-Rom

This new book from Marvin Stoogenke includes a computer CD-Rom which you can follow along with the chapters and work on problems. This book and CD-Rom contains updated information to help you pass the National Certification Examination offered by PTCB.

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"The Pharmacy Technician's Pocket Drug Reference"

2003/Joyce Generali/175 pages/paperback/2nd. edition

Published especially for Pharmacy Technicians, this book is very resourceful in any working environment. This publication is for technicians in retail, hospital, home health care, and all other types of health care settings. The expansive amount of information in this guide is greater than any of the other published pocket guides available today.

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"Essentials of Law and Ethics for Pharmacy Technicians"

2002/Kenneth Strandberg/208 pages/paperback

This text contains information on the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic ACT, the U.S. Legal System, History and Development of Current Law, Federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970, Ethics and Theory and Application, plus much more. To find out more, click the link below.

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"Math Master"

2001/Noah Reifman/Ark Pharmaceutical Consultants/153 pages/spiral bound


The companion book to "Certification Review for Pharmacy Technicians" by Noah Reifman, this book is excellent for use by individuals and/or classroom use. This book will help you master the mathematical calculations to help you with the National Certification Examination or everyday work use.

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"Certification Review For Pharmacy Technicians"

2008/Noah Reifman/Ark Pharmaceutical Consultants/341 pages/paperbound/approx. 7"x 9"
 8th. Edition

The newly revised and updated eighth edition of "Certification Review for Pharmacy Technicians" helps prepare the pharmacy technician for the National Certification Exam. There are six practice exams and a complete overview of the top 200 drugs. This book is suitable for individual study or classroom use. This book is very popular in many educational settings and individuals which has been proven time-and-time again.

Item may be viewed online.

"The Pharmacy Technician"

3rd. edition

2003/Marvin M. Stoogenke/paperback/480 pages

The third edition of "The Pharmacy Technician" is available now. This newly revised edition keeps you current with all pharmaceutical  practice settings and information. This text is excellent for classroom and or individual study.
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"Ethical Practices in Pharmacy:

A Guidebook for Pharmacy Technicians"

1997/by; Robert Buerki, Louis Vottero/55pages/paperback
This book is exactly as the title describes. As pharmacy technicians we have an ethical responsibility to our patients and public. This is good reading for pharmacy technicians of today.

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"Basic Concepts in Pharmacology:

A Student's Survival Guide"

published 1995/written by Janet L. Stringer/published by McGraw Hill Text/9" x 6"

This paperback book is one of the most popular books used by students nationwide. This innovative text sheds light on the most elusive concepts in pharmacology and does so in a concise, lively review format. From drug absorption, mechanism of drug action, Pharmacokinetics, and more, each topic is reviewed and progressively builds from simple to complex material.

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"Pharmacy Practice for Technicians"

3rd. edition

2003/written by Jane Durgan and Zachary Hanan/Delmar Publishers/544 pages


 This valuable resource focuses on the competencies necessary to become a pharmacy technician in both institutional and community pharmacy practice. The framework of this easy-to-use book provides a stepwise approach for learning and understanding various components of the profession. This third edition emphasizes basic biopharmaceuticals, the administration of medications, and the use of drugs. Revisions include a new section on Clinical Aspects of Pharmacy Technology and five new chapters!

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"Delmar's Certified Pharmacy Technician Examination Review"

2000/Patricia K. Anthony/1st. Ed./207 pages

This comprehensive review prepares students for the pharmacy technician certification exam. It focuses largely on pharmacy mathematics which constitutes a large portion of the exam, and is generally considered the most difficult portion of the exam. In addition, the text focuses on the primary content areas covered in the exam. A unique feature of the review is a test to assess the individual's level and identify areas that require additional study. The review includes a mock certification exam for students to monitor their progress. Both tests are written in the same format as the actual certification exam, providing students with valuable practice. The text's comprehensive coverage of pharmacy practice, regulations, mathematics, pharmacology, and drug nomenclature prepares students for the certification exam. Solutions/answers to review questions and exercises are provided for immediate feedback.

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"Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext"

DAA ENTERPRISES, INC./224 pages/2007

This innovative software/worktext package is the only product that offers you an affordable, take home pharmacy management software training software format. This package will help you learn how to use software and learn essential tasks such as inputting patient, prescriber, and prescription information into a pharmacy system. This book will work for those who are either in a retail, hospital, and/or other patient care setting.

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"The Merck Manual of Medical Information:"

2nd. Home Edition

2004 by Merck & Co./editors Robert Berkow, Mark H. Beers, Andrew J. Fletcher/1952 pages/Paperback

The world's best selling medical reference is now available through RxTrek! This is a comprehensive, accurate and informative book. This book is composed of works from 200+ experts along with 300+ illustrations.
The team of nearly 200 experts, consultants and authors has assembled a body of information so vast that listing select items fails to do it justice. The Merck Manual provides reams of useful medical information, ranging from fundamentals such as anatomy to crisp, easily understood descriptions of complicated diseases. Clear drawings of basic anatomical details and helpful sidebars that define the terms and proffer advice are invaluable features, as is the up-to-date council on choosing the right form of exercise.
The Merck Manual's large section on drugs in itself is an excellent resource. Here you will find descriptions of the biological impact of high-powered pharmaceuticals, plus a table of drugs that put the elderly at risk. It has five appendixes on such topics as legal issues and commonly used medical terms to follow.
If knowledge is power, buy this book and arm yourself with a world of information!
This is the reference text of medical information for Pharmacy Technicians.
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"The Merck Manual of Medical Information"

Computer CD-Rom

CD-Rom/Mac and IBM compatible

Now you can have rapid, unlimited access to all of the vital clinical information included in The Merck Manual, Sixteenth Edition... with The Merck Manual TextStack. This easy-to use electronic edition includes the complete Merck Manual- every page of text and every table, figure, diagram and illustration - along with a powerful collection of tools that enable you to locate, view, manipulate and print information of interest quickly and easy.

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"Pharmacy Technician Certification Review and Practice Exam"

1998/ASHP/142 pages/paperback/1st. edition

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"Manual for Pharmacy Technicians"

2nd. edition


In addition to helping technicians prepare for the pharmacy technician certification exam, this manual serves as an excellent general reference for technicians in any practice setting. Written and reviewed by pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians, the second edition has four new chapters: Drug Classification and Pharmacologic Actions, Drug Information, Ambulatory Pharmacy Practice, and Home Care Pharmacy Practice. Included are sample calculation problems, reviews of pharmacy law and medical terminology, discussions of aseptic technique and medication errors, and medication order/prescription interpretation guidelines.
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"APhA's Complete Review for the Pharmacy Technician"

2001/written by; Michael Posey/APhA/paperback

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"The Pharmacy Technician Companion: Your Road Map to Technician Training and Careers"

1998/written by Linda R. Harteker/100 pages/softbound

Are you considering - or pursuing - a career as a pharmacy technician? Or do you supervise technicians whose career growth you support? Then "The Pharmacy Technician Companion" is the book for you!

Need more information? "The Pharmacy Technician Companion" also contains numerous names, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses, along with an index for quick look-ups.
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"Pharmacy Technician Certification Quick Study Guide"

2000/Susan Moss and William Hopkins Jr./125pages/softbound

2nd. ed.

This second edition is published based on the new content outline of PTCB's examination. The book is organized into three sections as is the certification examination. The sections of this book are; Assisting the Pharmacist in Serving Patients, Maintaining Medication and Inventory Control, and Participating in the Administration and Management of Pharmacy Practice. A fourth major new section is Pharmaceutical Calculations and has been expanded to provide you in preparing by practicing more test type questions with calculation of dosages, injection flow rates, conversions between units of measurement, percentage preparations, reducing/enlarging formulas, and determining charges for prescriptions/medication orders and more!
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"Pharmacy Technician Passbook"

Career Examination Series C-3822


2005/Jack Rudman/published by: National Learning Corporation/softbound

This book is your complete test preparation and study guide to taking a pharmacy technician civil service examination. The Pharmacy Technician Passbook is up to date and complete with question and answer sections. Pharmacy career descriptions are also discussed in depth here. If you are thinking of taking a civil service pharmacy technician examination, prepare first with this book.
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"Training Manual for Intravenous Admixture Personnel"

written by, Max L. Hunt, Jr., MS., R.Ph. and edited by; Vincente J. Tormo, MS., RPh. is Baxter's' fifth edition book on the ins and outs of Intravenous Admixture (153 pages).

This book contains thirteen chapters of vital information and two appendixes This is an everything you need to know about I.V. admixture but, were afraid to ask book. Technicians, if you need to learn more about I.V's, mechanisms of delivery and other pertinent technical information, this is your book!
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"Medical Abbreviations:

15,000 Conveniences at the Expense of Communications and Safety"

2001/Neil Davis/paperback/10th. edition

A pocket (4.25x7) list of 15,000 current acronyms, symbols, and other medical abbreviations and their 22,000 possible meanings, plus a cross-referenced list of 3,300 generic and brand drug names. Also included are four pages of tables and lists, and four pages of normal laboratory values. The purchase price also allows 24 months access to the web version of the book, which is updated monthly.

Technicians, this reference guide is a valuable tool which can be used in any pharmacy or home study situation. This guide is excellent for unit-dose cart filling, computer entry, prescription interpretation, etc.
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"Drug Topics Red Book:

The Pharmacists Trusted Companion For More Than A Century"


2007/Medical Economics/800+ pages/Paperback

The 2007 Red Book, contains new and extensive updating and additions. This edition brings you the latest pricing and product information on over 100,000 Rx and OTC items. Also included is a broad spectrum of healthcare information you need  to know, all in one volume to use with the changing roles in the medical, pharmaceutical, and retail fields.  You also have access to the Orange Book codes which alert you to the FDA approved products with therapeutic equivalent evaluations. This book is  very reliable and a trusted source of information on drug companies. Technicians, this reference guide is a great tool for you for day-to-day use and for pharmacy buyers as well.
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"The Natural Pharmacy"

November 1999/ 2nd. ed./Prima Publishing/640pages

Written by some of the most respected names in the natural health field, this is the definitive guide to the use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic remedies. Included is information that is rarely found about contradictions and potential side effects. The second edition is greatly updated with new information and numerous other pages of helpful information have also been added. 
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"Deadly Drug Interactions: The People's Guide: How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Drug/Drug, Drug/Food, Drug/Vitamin Combinations"

Revised April 1997/by Joe Graedon, Teresa Graedon/paperback/447 pages/approx. 9" x 7"

There are over 200 easy-to-understand charts with information on medications for pain relief, allergies, asthma, arthritis, heart problems, depression, diabetes, contraception, ulcers, and much more. There are descriptions of the symptoms of interactions with explanations of when and what medications to take and specific concerns of women, children and older people.
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"The PDR Family Guide to Over-The-Counter Drugs"

The PDR Family Guide to OTC drugs is a valuable reference tool for any technician or consumer. This book has 32 pages of full color photos of many popular otc drugs. This reference is as valuable as the PDR. Order your copy today.
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"Generic Brand Reference"

Mylan laboratories is providing pharmacy technicians a FREE reference guide just for asking. Updated yearly, this is a very valuable tool you can use every day. Click the link below to order and then come back to RxTrek to continue.

Be sure to let them know that you saw it on RxTrek in the comments section.

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