Pharmacy Technician/Technologist Liability Insurance


Pharmacists Mutual Insurance has introduced a new individual policy for technicians. Recognizing the dramatic changes in pharmacy technician roles and responsibilities, the technician policy provides liability coverage for a technician's professional acts.
To be able to qualify for the insurance coverage, a pharmacy technician must have completed either the national, state, or other recognized training program.
To find out more about technician liability insurance, please call Pharmacists Mutual at: 800.247.5930 ext.26 or contact the local Pharmacists Mutual representative to obtain further information. Pharmacists Mutual is also offering its homeowners and auto insurance policies to pharmacy technicians. By combining a technician liability policy with pharmacists mutual homeowners policy, technicians may qualify for a dividend on both.

ASHP Liability Insurance Program for Pharmacy Technicians

The ASHP Liability Program is specifically tailored to fit the diverse needs of pharmacy technicians. This insurance may not be available in your state. To find if you may be covered and/or any other conditions, please contact the number listed below.
This program is administered by Maginnis and Associates. For more information contact them directly at: 800.621.3008 ext. 45105

Healthcare Providers Service Organization


Healthcare Providers Service Organization provides liability coverage to the pharmacy technician/pharmacy technologist on a state by state basis. Please visit their website for up to the minute information. Your state may not allow liability coverage so check here first . If your state does allow liability coverage you can view your fee immediately online. Once you decide to purchase this insurance you can apply directly online.

Healthcare Providers Insurance Organization

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